Environmental responsibility is at the heart of our brand and at Planet E, we want to create awareness among consumers that shopping sustainably doesn’t mean you have to compromise on function or style. We want to leave a positive impact on our planet and within our communities. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Nora and Jamie of Terre Bleue Farm in Quebec, Canada: Community Supported Agriculture board members who have been practicing certified organic farming for over 25 years.

With humble beginnings selling at a busy farmer’s market, Nora and Jamie decided to take a more personal approach in bringing their food from farm to table. They left the market to set up a membership program for the local community, where members could pick up a basket of seasonal and diverse produce each week. Selling out of the back of an old school bus, Nora and Jamie have since built loyal relationships with their members, who provide ongoing support for the 5-acre farm and show up weekly to share cooking tips and other bits of their lives with the couple.

As strong supporters of the local community, Nora and Jamie have been setting aside some of their profits and seeking donations from their members to help subsidize baskets for individuals and families in the community who don’t have the means to purchase them.

Planet E has proudly partnered with Nora and Jamie by donating reusable produce bags to be sold at their weekly pick up’s. Along with encouraging members to bring home their veggies in reusable bags, the profits further contribute to Nora and Jamie’s subsidized baskets, extending access to fresh, organic produce for all.


"Thank you to Bente and Gerry and their daughter, Dana from Planet E, for their donation of reusable produce bags. Many of you are making use of them. With the proceeds from the sale, we have been able to add to our subsidy and help out several members."

Nora and the Terre Bleue team


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