Our story started back in 2009, when we began to really notice the environmental impact of plastic bags. In oceans, in forests, in our own backyards: they were already everywhere.We knew consumers, (and the planet), deserved an alternative. We decided to try to curb our environmental footprint as a business, and help as many other people and businesses as we could do the same. If we could reduce single-use plastic bags, this small change, made by millions of people, could make a huge impact on our planet.  

We eagerly took our bags to the market, excited to share our winning, win:win idea (as in, good for business, and good for the environment). The market was hesitant at first, (remember, this was a decade ago!) but very quickly, we got our first order, (and let’s just say it was a very confident amount!)

These bags turned out to be one of the first recognized branded reusable shopping bags in the country. Our iconic black reusable canvas grocery bags with bright green President’s Choice (PC) logo are now a familiar site in any Canadian household. Just think, some of them might still be out there carrying groceries today…

But our eco-friendly journey was only just beginning. We wanted to save even more plastic from the landfill. What we discovered was incredible: a process that takes plastic water bottles, cuts and melts them down into ultra-strong thread and then waves this thread into super-durable bags.

But still, we weren’t finished - we knew we could do more! We made our Original Collapsible Box for those heavy shopping hauls and bulk buys, then came our mesh produce bags and cooler bags, and… well, you get the picture! Plastic is everywhere, which means there are a lot of alternatives to innovate, and that’s exactly what we have been doing for over a decade.

Today, we are celebrating a new milestone in our history, (and impact!) Our new website is our way to make eco-conscious living, just a little easier for everyone.

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