Build Your Eco Kit.

Build Your Eco Kit

Have you ever wanted to cut back on your plastic use but not sure where to start? Well we've made it easy and paved the way for you, with our assortment of reusable alternatives you can build an eco friendly kit that suits your lifestyle!

Collapsible Boxes.

Collapsible Boxes

Our collapsible boxes are running back-to-back shifts from your grocery hauls to that extra home storage you didn’t think you needed. Low on space? Fold them flat to store until your next big haul.  

Food Cube™.

Food Cube™

It’s time to make lunch litterless! Our Food Cube™ All-In-One box is perfect for school, work or any meal on-the-go. 

Forget the clunky lunch bag - the insulated neoprene sleeve and integrated ice pack will keep your meal fresh until you are ready to dig in. Bon appétit!

Foodie Fresh.

Foodie Fresh

Keep your cut lemon lasting for days, your fresh herbs from wilting and your produce organized. Step up your food storage game with our essential alternatives to single-use plastic bags and cling wrap. 

Grocery Goods.

Grocery Goods

Shop safe and sustainable! Ditch the single-use shopping bags, disposable masks and produce bags with these reusable alternatives. Are they ready for a good clean? Toss them in the wash before your next outing.

Low-Waste Essentials.

Low-Waste Essentials

Ready to cut the single-use plastic out of your life? Keep these reusable essentials on hand and say hello to a new, more sustainable you. 

Pick Me Up Picnic.

Pick Me Up Picnic

Dining al fresco is all the rage these days. Surprise the whole gang by pulling out cold drinks and fresh snacks from your tote bag – who knew it was actually a cooler!?  

Picnic Coolers.

Picnic Coolers

Cool on the inside, hot on the outside! Ditch the heavy, smelly cooler and grab a stylish, lightweight thermal tote to keep your drinks, sandwiches and snacks fresh all day long.   

Reusable Food Storage.

Reusable Food Storage

Our food storage collection is here to help you cut the waste and keep your food fresher, for longer. Use our stretchy lids to keep Tuesday’s dinner just as fresh for Friday; and never go hangry with a full snack bag by your side.  

Shopping Totes.

Shopping Totes

Move freely from morning routines to evening hangouts. Our range of shopping totes are perfect for groceries but will also keep you ready for any and all surprises in between.  

Wine & Dine.

Wine & Dine

Step up your gifting game by bringing your own bottle AND bringing your own bag. These reusable wine bags are perfect for any occasion. Not big on wine? Swap in your beverage of choice and still show up to the party in style.