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Our Story

As the world began to better understand the fragility of our eco-systems we knew we needed to do better. We wanted to be part of the solution - not the problem -so we created Planet E, a brand committed to low-waste alternatives. We launched our first product in 2008, the OG-Box, a collapsible shopping box made from recycled water bottles and built to last hundreds of trips. The first of its kind, the box quickly became one of our best-sellers and inspired a broader range of reusable products.

Today, we work with individuals, retailers, and businesses looking to curb their footprint by providing green-alternatives and turn-key solutions in eliminating single-use plastics. We’re firm in our belief in giving back to the community, manufacturing local whenever possible, and are always looking to develop new initiatives that can help limit our collective impact on the environment.

Reusing should be easy! No one should have to jump through hoops to do it nor should they have to choose between their needs or the planet’s. That’s why we are committed to designing responsible products that will seamlessly integrate into your daily routine, whatever that might be. From diverting plastic headed for the waste-stream to inspiring mindful habits, our goal has remained the same from the outset: reusable products designed for your life and built for our future.  

Community Outreach

Along with building quality products that help improve both lives of consumers as well as the planet, we are always looking to help others through community based initiatives.

We started off with partnering with Terre Bleu, a local CSA program that provides organic farm to kitchen vegetable and fruits. While they are doing their part in trying to create sustainable and waste-less food baskets, they are also helping out communities by providing baskets to those who are having trouble providing for themselves. We've began helping them by donating products for sale that they in turn use proceeds for further subsidies. Though a small initiative, we are trying to help grow the program and do our part where we can. Should you have any ideas or initiative that you think we could help with, don't hesitate to reach out. Helping others, as well as others is in the core of our brand and planet.

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Partnership Solutions

The long-standing nature of our partnerships is no coincidence There's a profound sense of partnership that reverberates throughout our wholesale ecosystem permitted us to have forged such bonds with businesses on an international scale.

Our willingness to provide tailor made solutions that cater to each company’s specific needs is at the core of each professional relationship we nurture. Our clients benefit greatly from our trend-spotting design team, custom merchandising strategies to boost brand awareness and access to our manufacturing in the United States. We are always ready to accommodate a wide range of price points and products while satisfying our customers’ unique visions.

If you want to learn how to turn aspects of your business into sustainable initiatives, we're here for you. From packaging, to retail and product manufacturing, we have the tools to help you find and develop the right program for you. 

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